you broke my heart
so i say, “fuck you”
don’t understand why you cheated on me
but at least, you called and told me
i won’t forgive
cos cheating is unforgiving
and you know what
i deserve better
i deserve someone better than you
someone who can love me and not cheated on me
i guess i‘m good to you
you’re good to me
but you crushed me
and i can’t be your girl anymore


Borut said...

What should I say...!?:)

Kai C. said...


Devika said...


Kai dear, what happened, my dear Poetess??

Princess Kai saying the "F" word..!!

No that can't be done...Know what, my husband says men should be spared because there are always unscrupulous women around causing them bad name...

And unfortunately most of the time I have to agree with him finally, though I keep arguing for women...

Just see if in your case, women are around your guy! :))


Kai C. said...

he cheated on me...

Devika said...

Pardon him for once dear poetess :)

after all thats what love is! :)


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very sad

Anonymous said...

There are too many great guys out there. The next one will be better. You'll see. :)

Hey, your new outfit for the next dance sounds really cute! Take pictures.

Rethabile said...

I would say F him, too, Kai.