R.I.P King of Pop

have you heard the musical legend, king of pop Michael Jackson had passed away today? And you know how I am with this man, i am like the biggest fan. i broke down and read the news from my friend who email me. my eyes are red. I got a headache from crying. Even though I don’t know him in person, he was my favorite. he was my first older man that I ever had a crush on. his beautiful music makes me know him a whole lot. I could not believe that he went to heaven to be with the Lord and Christ today. He literally moonwalks to heaven and his pain is gone. Now the whole globe is sobbing away filled with tears of melancholy. His fans were weeping with their souls. he has affected people all over the world. he helped children all over the world. to me an angel like him, he came down here for a reason, now he went. yet he is at peace. he’s with the lost children and probably found his childhood. I don’t want to say goodbye, but i’ll see him in spirit when i play his music.
i love mj4ever……….and ever…….

R.I.P Michael Jackson<3

R.I.P Michael Jackson

again for Michael,

you are

really are

a magical child

who wants to fly

and lives in Neverland

i know

in your brown eyes

i see sunbeams and stars twinkle


tears wets your sick skin

a shy magical child

inside your soul

i saw him

coming out of you

and searching for your childhood

through crowds of angry people

i know

and i'm sorry that you have to live this way

being misunderstood by ignorance

but Michael,

i understand where you are coming from

i understand

i must call you a soul-magical child

who flies in every beating heart

my lovely moonwalker in the sky

and you don't need to prove your innocence

cos you're innocent

like the eyes of a beautiful baby Jesus

you are a child

a magical child

in a grown man body

through out the years

i know you have suffer enough

this is why you're never alone

cos there is also somebody who grew up

without a childhood

feeling your pain, your heart

and it kills me when strangers walked the streets

brainwashing by prejudice of wagging mouths

only to believe lies and hate

this magical child in you

has a heart

that is the biggest and wider

than the universe

nobody sees it

how big, how wide

there are thousands, thousands of rooms

inside your broken heart

i manage to get inside your different world

your lifestyle

and people don't think

they judge

basically they judge God

cos God is a magical child

who creates you

and let extraordinary multiple gifts fall

out of His hands into your black soul

you used them onstage


so beautifully,

everyone cried

worshipping your precious arts

when you gave your all

i wonder if they called you that magical child

cos i am calling you your true name

a magical child

who never runs, never hides

he's in your eyes

in your sick skin

i felt that magical child in you, Michael

the true colors of your rainbow

the voice of spoken word

i hear you

i feel you, my magical child

from far away

bringing such magic

to my soul

when i hear your music

your own heartsongs

just even warms my chills

yet you're only a

magical child

magical Peter Pan

who change and heal the globe

caring for all children

in each race

who are lost and never was found

in this harsh world

you are that magical child

that lonely man in the mirror

nobody gets you

nobody gets your beautiful world

but i do

i read your history

i stretch out your roots

and it breaks my heart

to see you

swim in your own lonesome

but again Michael,

you are never alone

you still have people

who loves you


you've brought the most

magical child in all of us

and that's why

i love you, mike

you're that soulful little

magical dark child

who brings sparks to

my beating heart---



Art and Poetry said...

When I heard the sad new I thought of you and your poetry blog. Its a nice poem and his music will live on forever!

Kai C. said...

thanks.....he's going to be missed!

firebird said...

Kai--I can't say enough about your awesome poem about Michael, we're all crying inside to lose him, but know he is happy in heaven, and missing us too!
AWESOME poem, Kai you have outdone yourself, all of your lines are ringing with beauty and insight, and you paint a vivid and loving picture of the man and what he means to the world and to his fans.

That evening when he died, there was a mockingbird singing on top of the telephone pole, on my street. Every mockingbird sings its own combination of songs--but this one was singing Michael Jackson's rhythms, it sounded like an MJ concert! I sat down with my dog and listened. This bird not only sang, it did the percussion like Michael does in that video you posted. Every so often he would jump up in the air, twirl around with his wings spread wide(dark, with white tips! then weightlessly come down again, still singing.
I swear that mockingbird was channelling Michael Jackson! After a while it started singing regular mockingbird songs, so I knew the concert was over, and that it was a special and once-in-a-lifetime thing.

I wanted to share this story with you, Kai--I wish you could have been there with me!

I wrote a poem about a firefly, it reminded me of Michael, that's my latest post, I dedicated it to him! He is such an inspiration, always will be...and perhaps we can all grow to be magical children in our own way.

Love you, Kai!

Devika said...

Oh Kai, that was a lovely tribute to MJ,

and I see Nick Harvey here after a long while,
as he says..when I heard the news you were the first person who came to my mind, my dear Kai,

& yes, his fans all over the world are singing his songs...and his music will always replace his absence :)


Kai C. said...

thank you

krystyna said...

I thought of you too at that sad moment.

I'll be back.

Cynthia said...

Kai, this is another poem of yours
that is crying out to be published.
Your heart/mind is amazing. A
beautiful tribute to Michael.