krystyna said...

I did it for a play.

You're a Forehead Kiss.
You are soothing, supple, and refined, like a kiss that presses gently against someone's forehead and feels as eternal as a promise. Memories of you will linger on long after you're gone. In a world of sloppy wet kisses, you're proof that a kiss doesn't need tongue to be good. A forehead kiss is an intentional, definitive choice, and that matches your personality well -- you know exactly what you want from life. You don't mess around. If you kiss someone, you mean it.

The same as yours?

Anonymous said...

Here's what I got:

You're an Upside-Down Kiss.
Yeah, like that one from the Spider-Man movie... wasn't that HOT? You're completely unpredictable, so your whole personality reflects the raw energy of peeling back a superhero's mask and making out, upside-down, in a dark alley in the rain. You know it's impossible to plan the perfect moment, so you do your best to grab whatever comes your way and hold on tight... whether it's a web-slinging superhero or a life-changing opportunity. Whatever happens next, you're ready -- and so are your lips.

Kai C. said...


firebird said...

Yeah, I'm an upside down kiss, too!
This was fun--thanks, Kai!