that's how love should be

that's how love should be


that's how love should be

you and i

me and you

boy plus girl

stay together

be with each other

like lovers and best friends

together as a beautiful long lasting couple

we could make it

we are not perfect

our relationship is not perfect

but love is real, deep, and strong

that it gives us emotional aching

in our souls

beyond flaws and mistakes

through arguments and fights

we fell in love

for no reasons or with reasons

cos i think the Lord wants us to....

it's in our nature

      in our dna....




Devika said...

I just had the dna tested last month...there's no any trace of love! :(

so you started giving lessons on love.....Kai, my dear poetess...when i look, i see a world full of lovers -- past, present, future lovers -- but i don't find real love so much -- why is that so?

could it be that lovers are in love with themselves than with others?? any thoughts?

or is that a problem with my eyes and thoughts?

i was seriously thinking of it for some days now....anyway,


Cynthia said...

Hello sweet Kai, very beautiful
love poem. So tender.

Kai, I'm having a light challenge
over at Epiphany would adore for
you to join in. Please do.

Thank you!

Kai C. said...

thank youu

krystyna said...

Friendship, than love. It is a wonderful thing and you shared that emotion so beautifully in your poem.

Hugsss & love

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful!