michael [an eulogy poem]7-3-09

Michael (an eulogy poem)


the world mourns, praising  him

as this man went on the Lord's arms

fans weep and bringing his legacy in each town

tears dropped on that Thursday, June 25th

he has become the sun, the moon, and the wind

a black man who was kind, generous

Lord's most beautiful creation

he sang, he moonwalk into everyone's lives

he gave his heart, his soul

now to an end, Lord said it is time to leave

this earth and come into His arms

Lord said Michael would come down to earth

as a spirit, not a ghost

he will be in everyone's heart

he will smile down from above

his music is everywhere

and everywhere the world goes,

he will soar through each shadow

while beautiful babies saw him and smile

as they don't know who he is

an angel, he still is

a child-like innocent 50 year old man

who passed so sudden

like way too fast

and here are famous cities, old towns,

even  poor countries have been mourning for days, almost a week

after he is gone

heaven took his soul out of the cruel society

into a loving peaceful place

where he has found his lost childhood

his neverland

where he saw children everywhere

where he dance with James Brown

Michael, Michael Jackson

the king has rest in all soft harmonies


©2009 Kai C.



Jimmy said...

we are the World
earth song

Heal the World

Beat it
it dont matter if u r black or white

I am BAD?
Michael Jackson will never die

even in death, he built bridges to HEAL THE WORLD - Michael will be buried as per Islamic rites

there will never be another Michael Jackson

firebird said...

Such beautiful thoughts, feelings, and your perfect words to express them--I'm thinking of you on this special day when Michael's love fills the world, and his music is everywhere!

Kai C. said...

i missed mj

Devika said...

He was a legend of our times, and he will stay for forever, and will the world's love for him..

Though I have heard him before..it was after some of your posts, last year that I went to hear him again, Kai :)


Cynthia said...

Lovingly written Kai.

krystyna said...

I came here because I missed MJ,
I can't believe.
Your beautiful poems and messages make MJ alive!

Take care dear Kai!

Love & hugssss

Kai C. said...

thank you