Fond memories

 Fond Memories

Fond memories

Made me miss you

Oh so much

Fond sweet memories

I fulfilled the scrapbook of my heart

When I look at your face smiling

At me

Now everything tares into bits and


You walked away

You have me sitting alone

And I have to erase you

We are not together


So I went down to

My memory lane

I saw you


Hurting me inside

While you're


You ain't right

When you left

My heart breaking

And so I left tears

Here with

My sad shadow

Cos I know

This lonely love

Leads me

To beautiful tomorrows

Oh I know

I'll be smiling

Forgetting you

When you didn't care

When you didn't call me

Not asking me to come back

With the grief

With the pain

That carries the heartache

As for

fond memories,

you're still there

laughing with me

you were a


you were

my love,

my friend

and I remember

we were chitchatting

on the phone

every night

we realized we love each other

then right now,

you're not here

with me

but everywhere in

my heart


©Kai C.



Devika said...

Lovely, Kai dear :)

many photos or art work...not uploading! But nice to read your poems, Kai....this poem carries truth and sadness, really like it,


Margie said...

It's sad but also beautiful.

Keep those lovely memories in your heart sweet kai!


Anonymous said...

Love can be so painful sometimes and so beautiful at other times...jeepers!

Anonymous said...

Love can be so painful sometimes...