haunted store


haunted store

I went to a haunted store to buy a costome but there is something about that store. when people walked in there, everything becomes alive.the place killed people all through October. I'm not kidding. I was there when everything was full of terror and a wreck. I saw zombies eating the flesh of humans.i saw the costumes of Mike Myers and Freddie Cruggers floating in the air, cutting peoples heads off. I even saw ghosts and vampires drinking the blood and souls. it was really frightened because I saw the whole thing.

i went out of there and took the matches to burn down the haunted store. everyone is dead. everything is gone. there is no more haunted store.

but later on,I had nightmares about the store. basically the store is coming after me. I woke up several times. I called the doctor and he said drink some hot tea but it didn't work. so I stare at the ceiling for hours until i fell asleep.

when I woke up that afternoon, the ghost from the haunted store appear in floating in the air.he wore a red tie and blue jeans with a knife in his hand.

He killed me and killed me too death.

he was the owner of the haunted store and was seriel killer....

Be careful to go in the store, you never know!


Margie said...

Scary, scary, scary story, kai ...
You scared me to death!
Why did you have to go and do such a thing?
I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight ... LOL!
Really, I am!
Very good writing though!



Kai C. said...

sorry i scare you

Anonymous said...

She scared me, too, Margie and she sent me this RIGHT BEFORE BEDTIME! It was sooooo scary!

Margie said...

Haha! She scared you too, Aurora!
Kai, how could you send something so scary to sweet Aurora at bedtime! Lol!
Kai just likes to scare us, huh Aurora?


Devika said...

Scaring your readers or what, Kai, my love??

you are too mischievous :)