Hi Moon

Hi Moon

hi moon,

how are u?

u look so pretty tonight

almost tan with beauty,

well that's what I see….

would u give my love to the stars?

and oh, please look after my other half of me

whoever he is, he's thinking of me too

oh goodnight my dearest moon,

its time for me to dream

and when I awake,

u will fade into morning sun….

so hope to see u soon!

cos I'll be missing the light in my darkest mid hours…….



Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Tinkerbell. :)

Kai C. said...

thank you

Margie said...

Ditto Aurora!
Loved it, kai.


Devika said...

Lovely, Kai dear :)

the Moon and Sun seem having a bad time...so it for the earth, i guess....global warming and climate change,

Lets all pray that this Universe stays so for a long long time to come :)


Anonymous said...

I was walking on the beach the other night in the dark and the moon came from behind a black cloud to keep me company...the moon, our companion.