my thoughts of holding hands pt.1

I wonder if there's a couple out there has been together since more than 30 years can still be holding hands, not because they have to but they want to even if they are tired of it and just taking a break. There are always going back to holding hands again. I'm not saying a couple should hold hands everyday but it's that bond and that strong connection between people who stay in love with each other. I think holding hands are important to a relationship because  it is  pure affection and to remind the person  you  still love him/her. I mean, when some people grow old together, they still hold hands.


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what you think?

Anonymous said...

Sure. I know an elderly couple. The woman is in her 80's and the guy is 90. They still hold hands. :)

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Devika said...

You know what Kai...older couple do and should hold hands, that's not romantic love i suppose...Mostly they need support, mental and physical :)

They young -- most of them imitate what they see in movies and when tough times come most leave their partner..thats what i see here...then perhaps a new someone comes to hold him/her --all showy stuff....for real affection holding hands is never important...to me, it is so :)

btw, loved reading those love poems..Last year was much fun, no, Kai dear? :)

And, hope you are doing well, dear :)


Anonymous said...

I think holding hands is a lovely display of affection. There is something very ''moving'' about it. A safeness in the act.
Thanks for sharing this observation of life.