Christmas romance12-19-09


Christmas Romances


Christmas romances

Between two lovers

With a thousand mistletoes


In each room

Making love under the shining trees

While New Year's comes

There are new year kisses

Falling like silver snowdrops


Holding hands like a

Real grown couple

Dancing around in the snow

Snow angels, icy heart-shapes

Love is jolly, still the sweetest thing

In the world

And I wish on a very bright star

I could be where you are, my dear

But you're too far

When lonesome keeps me reaching

I have your heart

I have you

Even though we're not together

Around the precious time of the yearl



Anonymous said...

This is so sweet, Kai. These are my favourite lines:

"There are new year kisses

Falling like silver snowdrops"

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

This is lovely and makes me think of Richie...we are 4,900 miles apart!

On this Christmas Eve I would like to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.x

Kai C. said...


merry xmas