Aubade: drinking hot tea

I wasn’t feeling no good

I was in pain

Maybe I am love sick cos

I constantly think about your oh so ever loving head

Your loving face in

Each dawn I woke up from a dream

So I drank hot tea

Under the sunlight

How does my heart breaks like


And those pieces became

My teardrops?

Yet I can’t give in

I can’t give up

Just another day without

Seeing your sweetest smile



Cynthia said...

"and those pieces became my teardrops"...this entire poem
is so touching, kai.
your heart is amazing the poetry
she holds.

Devika said...

Ooohh...Kai, my dear don't love anyone like this! :))

kidding, it was too touching dear Pinky Princess :)


Margie said...

So sad but very touching!

Hugs to you dear Kai!