haiti faces

Haiti Faces

Look at the beautiful brown faces

Black faces

Such poverty, such poor, such rich

Earthquake in another third world country

Came and hit and killed

All those beautiful people

Filled with slaughter of blood

While loved ones leave with scars of worries and

Every heartache

Like a sad song that gale sing

That country was free

But that country was no longer has a smile

Worse than Katrina

Worse than 9/11

I wish michael jackson were here right now

He would have helped to heal the souls

Even mother theresa, she would give souls a shelter of food,

Clothing, all the love that a heart could give

It’s like a real shock wave passes us

And I could feel tears dropping

From each cloud of heaven

As I feel warm

Like there is a pure candlelight in my heart

I lit up for Haiti

The sky is holding my prayers

Across the miles

Only for the gorgeous Haiti----



Margie said...

Such a terrible disaster on the people of Haiti.
Thank you for sharing this heartfelt poem!
It's very touching and lovely!


Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Margie. A beautiful and touching poem! May God help the people of Haiti.

Devika said...

one of the best Haiti poems, I read...Kai dear :)