Today I woke up 
It's June 25th
Two years later 
After a star went and gone
Too soon

I'm here and 
Him moonwalkin 
All over my brain
Now he lives somewhere 
In the sky
He's a ghost 
And I feel him 
Movin across the ocean
Jumpin high on every tree
And now he becomes 
The myths of my imagination
He has found his childhood
And hold Elizabeth Taylor's hand

Two years 
All the fans still mourn
Every tear that drops
And I'm still lettin him moonwalk
Into my poems
My heart sees him through 
My words
My soul was like "ain't you suppose to
Be in heaven, mr. micheal Jackson?
He was like. "well kai, I came here to see
You, and plus you invited me into 
Your wonderful poetry, right?
My soul said, "right, but how did you get 
Here on my paper and through 
My words?
The king of pop smiles, and said 
"I just pop up and surprise you 
And I know you like surprises
I might have moonwalked all
Over your brain"
Then he winks, and I kinda blush
Oh michael he's  such a man
Well the man in the mirror 
That is
So my soul says,  "have you see 
My grandma mama Louise? 
give her my hugs please?
If you see her"
Michael said, "I will"

June 25,
I wish he would never go
To heaven 
He's too young too energetic
To die
I mean, he was ready  
To dance and sing
At the arena 50 concerts
But the lord was like,
"you're goin with me
You are tired 
And it's time for you
To go to the sky
You could sing 
And dance
And idol James brown
Is waitin for you
And the children is  waitin
For you
And I have your childhood 
In my hands 
So you might wanna come
And Elvis wanna meet you
And Langston Hughes wanna share his
Poetry with you
And Bessie smith wanna sing the blues with you
And dr. King wanna see how you perform on that stage
And Malcolm X wanna learn how to moonwalk 
And Jesus wanna play your records
So what do you say? Are you up for it?"

And I bet he's chillin
With Aaliyah 
And biggie smalls
And Emily dickinson
I know he is,
And I'm here rockin
To his legacy
I didn't lose him
I just feel him
In my soul
And oh yes, 
I will always think 
Of him
As my favorite singer 
In the world
I'd always watch him 
On you on
And he will always visit
Me in poetry
Just to see how I'm doin
Even though
I don't see him physically
Only my heart and my soul 
Like I'm talkin to a ghost
While I'm Writin 
Is it that creepy?
Yet I'm not scare 
In fact, I'm comfortable
Cos maybe 
I love Michael Jackson
And I don't have to be 
Afraid of him
Besides nobody ain't scare of
Michael Jackson
It's just like when I write, I'm talkin
To him
He's just a ghost in my head
And no he doesn't make me
And someday 
I will meet him in
And we'll be friends 
I can show him 
The moonwalk with my motorized
And maybe I show him my poetry
Even though he has visited me through
Many times before
And just maybe we can watch the world go
By together
Yea me and Michael 
Watchin the world cries and smiles
And fights and dies
I think we will get along with each other 
Very well
I promise that----

mj collage


Margie said...

Michael would love this!
I do too!

Kai C. said...

:) thanks

floots said...

well done kai
this a paean and elegy combined
thank you

Kai C. said...