i wrote a long ass luv poem  2011-06-26

every other day
i wrote a long ass luv poem
cos love was on my mind
most of the time
thats all i ever think about
all i ever dream about
love has no ashes, no fog
you see when i write these love
romantic epics out of my soul
tryin to make a point
would you understand where i'm comin
like you understand the holy bible
that you read so many times?
its like you memorize the soul of
God inside your  brain
but what about your heart? do you understand then?
cos i write these poems
for your heart's sake
for your soul to be touch
words are like an angel
soarin across the breaths
and enter your scars that you hold
inside for too long
as a poetess, i can mend each wound
with my gift of poetry

i need silence
i'm tryin to write another long ass
since i had a thought
and inspiration
my soul
was singin
the unthinkable
the unsungable
while i'm bleedin out
the joys
like outside the birds
were singin in my neighborhood
and i'm a bird
in my bedroom
scribblin, typin
my blood fire away
i could hear my voice
risin out
like a thousand red sunsets
i was deep, too deep
for my own good
cos i write like a star
i write all the star dusks
that falls into my dreams
since love is the only thing i bring
to the table

i wrote a long ass luv poem
cos everybody needs to know
i need to remember the things i want
like a mental note
but how many times i wrote
that shit over and over
like i'm playin the same ol record
i heard back in the day
though i'm just an  artist of everyday words
and i fuck the pages like i'm losing
the virginity and filled my womb with
fresh fresh poetry
what could i say?
i'm a poetess with many stories untold
songs unsung
in the palm of my hands
and i share them with all of you


floots said...

"typin' my blood fire away" - i love that
this perfectly sums up what it feels like when one is writing and in the groove

Kai C. said...