A player poem

I used to date a player
At first I didn't know he was
Playin me like a guitar
Strum my heart along
The sharp strings into
Broken pieces
I thought he was smart, funny,
Sweet, cute, charmin
Until that day he had game
That game of puttin my ideas
Into my head to make
Me believe we're goin to be cool and chill
But fuck it, he had me in a zone
Where my doubts were becomin unexpectedly
When I don't wanna face it, but I saw the other
Ladies wrappin around its motherfucker's finger
Makin them fall at his feet
Cos he has game of his stupidity
Breakin hearts, Kleenex full of tears
And I have wasted my energy on him
So I left, Rollin on out
Cos that player, he ain't worth of my time

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floots said...

nice one
the music has to be real
no-one wants to be "played"
thank you

Kai C. said...

thanks floots