Love in my dreams

Love in my dreams
Love in my dreams
Love in my dreams
Love in my dreams
I see you
See your face
You're the man ive been
Dreamin of for so long
Handsome, romantic, 
The one who gives me 
I say, "you're the love
In my beautiful dreams, 
How can this be?"
I woke up feelin hope
That someday I will find a
Golden beaten heart like yours
And once I did,
I keep it in mine 
Mine in my chest 
Oh I wouldn't let it go
I wouldn't let him go
Cos you're the man of my beautiful dreams
And I'm in yours
We found each other out of nowhere 
Out of darkness into our own sunlight 
I just knew love will come out
Of my dreams 
Into a real world
And I said, "we can make our love
An everlasting star"
Then we kissed a thousand sweet kisses on the lips 
Believing fairytales are too real for us to take
Cos we have each other by the hand
Just love in my dreams 
Then out of my dreams 
To know you're mine even before I first saw you 

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Margie said...

How beautiful!
Love it, kai :)

Kai C. said...