dear flies

Dear flies,

I know you don't mean harm
But you get on my last nerve
When ya'll come, you have to bring
Your whole family
I don't understand
This ain't a family reunion
Or a dancin club
What the hell?
That's why all of your friends and all
Of your cousins get smack
With the roll up newspaper
With my mother's slipper
With the clapped hands
With the closed book
And I can never catch you
Even if I tried
I couldn't
Cos ya'll be speedin like racecars
Oh I'm just sayin, flies
Not lord of the flies
And yes this is my complaint poem
Cos you come in every season
Better yet, ya'll come when ya'll feel like it
Botherin people, landin on every plate
We tell ya'll to shoot
Shoot flies, don't fuck with us

Sincerely your sort of complainer,

Sep 13, 2011

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