Can you love me?

Can you love me?

Can you love me?
Can you actually love me without breakin my heart?
I don't know if you can cos I fear you don't love
Me back at all
If you ever love me more than the fucked up world,
Like there are no doubts between us
How should I able to trust you?
How could I say it's another infatuation
When I feel you're under my skin where the nerves
Became butterflies?
How would I know if I can let myself fall into your arms while we stand there in a room of
Crowded people?
Can you possibly love me even if I have flaws and mistakes?
Can you love all of me if I put my chances in your hand?
This ain't a game, this is about you lovin me
Without strings attached
And I am afraid of having my heart broken
A million times before
I don't wanna risk the tears, the scars, the wounds
Never again
Can you love me? Can you passionately love me?
Love me deeply as your woman
Love only me the way I love my only you?
Can you actually love me?
Can you actually really love me?
Even for my intelligence, even for my soul?
Even for all the beauty I have inside me
Can you love me, love me? For the person i am?
I am me, and if you love yourself, you love others
Am I right? I'm just sayin
So I guess I'm one of those people who came into
Your life
That brightens your day, that glows in your dark
Can you really fall in love-- with me for your heart sake?
Cos I'm fallin in love with you just by gazin at you with full giggles through my belly
And the full of bright red cheek
Thinkin I must be out of my gotdamn mind
For being such a fool in love
Or I rather be just another human being
Who falls in love
And i'm just passin by
I knew I gotta be crazy
For lovin you
But are you sure you love me in your gorgeous returns?
Can you love me in your own natural ways without words?
I wonder---
Can you love me?
Can you be the man who never stops lovin me?
I'm not quite sure


I kinda stole a pic from my friend. He said he doesn't mind. That pic has inspired me to write a poem.

So I said thanks:)

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