love  [9/11] sept 11,2011

ten years later
just ten
I remember
this very sad day
those souls became
american sorrows
and heroes
became the
fallen ones
loved ones became
the great angels
I remember
every lovin prayer
is sent through
the quiet candleflames
i remember
the lost mising faces of
humanity was hangin on
every wall
the ones who were in the
twin towers
the ones who were in the
it’s the ones, the fallen ones
and we just looked
up in the sky
knowin the ones who are safe
in God’s arms
cos today is 9/11
ten years later
everybody should reminisce that
bright sunny day
around 9AM
everything was shut down
death was arrived
anger and sadness
has played their part
and i heard
people on the news
sheddin their tears
on the ground
the CNN was on
the ABC news was on
and I was in my room
writin a poem
about how the Twin Towers
how bones and shadows
scattered everywhere
New York had sang the blues
D.C. has written poetry
about the pain
America has leftover scars
and it still bleedin
the horrific memories
however we as people
has come together
as one
blessin our country, our soldiers,
our loved ones
our fallen heroes
our whole world
and I bless this day in a poem

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