A firefly

A firefly (another love poem) 10-22-11

A firefly, she goes and goes In the summer nights I'm just like her, I shoot and shoot A star you see racin across the solar system Make a wish and I'll float down into Your arms Just a gold sun-ray firefly, I land my flight upon your side and bright you all up Darlin with a touch of your hand is where I Rest my heart is Please don't let me go, I am fallin in love Would you catch me, and for us to stand in love? I wanna be your firefly just like the way you're my gorgeous comet That blasted down to earth Nobody know you're an angel til I tell the world so Nobody knows you're like my lucky penny But me A firefly, my pleasure is all yours Don't you forget that Cos my love will make you shine If you ever give me a chance in this time around Wings on my back, I'd soar around you I'd come to you for every mile that has never been driven on Trust me, I'll be your firefly shimmerin the gold on your way I'll be your chosen one if you ever gaze at me For so long For your heart skips, I'd flutter everywhere you are With stolen kisses from your perfect round mouth Oh I believe in fate that I do belong to you Even soul---- <3 © Kai C.

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Smoke and Rain said...

What a fun read on several interesting levels. Had fun reading your stuff. Looking forward to keeping up with your writing. Thanks!

- Matt