i hate sayin goodbyes

but i have to say it to you, broken heart

you no longer want to be here

with me

cos i'm stronger than a thousand skeletons

in the closet

than the sorry ass years you put me


you hate goodbyes too

well we used to say we never

said them, especially in our letters

but the bitterness gets the best of us

shadows went fallin apart

and you got so far away from me

i can't even say one word, just one word

your face expression has told me enough

you didn't love me anyway

this wasn't goin to work to begin

you never look my way,

so i stood alone the whole time

while you're in the crowd, leavin me in the dark

and i tell you goodbyes, a million of them

we may not come back again

so long for good, times has moved us on

i wish you would find somethin you're searchin for

cos it's not in me

oh goodbye, my sweet goodbye

you've been somethin else

but not everythin i dream of

i thought you were a star to me

you dimmed too low

and so i'm finally gone

i'll find me another star and then

we might never say our goodbyes!


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