A colorful rainbow(a love poem)

A colorful rainbow
My dear
In the evenin blue skies
Both hearts mingle a
Rare beat, the rarest music
How the lord paints
The colors after the stormy
Weathers Our souls become
A beautiful love story
Through the stars,
Over the mountaintops,
We inkin the page, after
Page of us, we enchant each
Other in beautiful dreams
My love a colors blazin across
The clouds and the stars
Don't you see?
We can make a vow
Of a love that we never know before
A promise of a romance
That we never experience before
Pink blue purple velvet violet
Red gray white black
All colors in the sky
Only in our sky
Day and night
The beautiful kind of
Indeed you're my love....
With all the colors in the sky<3

(c) Kai C. 5/18/12

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