He gave me a feelin He gave me a feelin An unknown feelin That makes my heart sing I'm not suppose to know this Feelin, a feelin of likeness A feelin of him and I, But we're friends, not lovers Don't need to rush, it's new And sweetly fresh So weird, and strange After I talked to him and smile I guess I might be sleepin with Every butterfly that lands on My belly tonight cos I'm thinkin of Him, memorizin his deep voice Oh don't mind me, I would blush Completely when he gave me a Feelin, such a feelin of me likin him, him likin me back but it's all just a Worth of a little young crush... Then maybe it might turn into Somethin more, I never know Life is this short, I really like him And you know you like someone And you know what a feelin can do To you I know what it does to me It makes me ink poems about How I got this feelin, And I wonder if there are any lifelong Couples have this feelin for years Cos I'm truly a number one fan Of this feelin, the fresh feelin where you first start likin someone a lot... I wonder, I wonder if the butterflies Will stay on my nerves Yet I don't know how long I don't wanna let them go, It's nice, a refreshingly sweet I hope this feelin might turn into Somethin real, like magical But I might take it slow Before I carefully fall over Before I just leap over the cloud nines And you can tease me If that's the case, however He gave me a feelin Just a feelin Oh I can't complain...<3 5/20/12 (c) Kai C.

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