on this romantic hour

In this romantic hour alone
In this romantic hour alone
Lovers sway for tonight and
I lay in my daybed thinkin
Of you, this sounds crazy
But I'm Layin on my pillow
Thinkin about you
I must really like you
I just hope we could be
Together someday
Holdin hand in this romantic
Hour with our own loneliness
That keep us company
Enjoyin each other's
Sweet gaze, believe me when
I'm fallin in love, believe me
When I put my trust in you
Oh my romantic hour
I'm In this solitude with
All pretty thoughts of you
That flows out of my mind's cocoon
Into the starry sky
Since it's the romantic hour
On my clock
I'd be daydreamin about
You, only you stealin my
Every last breath before
I sleep, givin me every butterfly
That land upon my soul
Only you, you the romantic hour
Alone how the feelin makes
Me long for a kiss on your lips
How you got me fallin into
Your embrace, how I wanted to be
Your queen for so long, all on this
Romantic hour alone
The longest dream even though
It becomes too short
Cos I wake up not seein you
Around in my room, just one day
You will come for me, takin each
Other's hand and run away together
In the quiet parks
It would be our own romantic hour alone.......in every lifetime we have
(c) Kai C. 5/26/12

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