I didn't write a luv poem
I didn't write a luv poem
It's not like me
I should be able to write
A luv poem
Today without no problem
But today I didn't
And I don't know why
Am I not feelin well?
Am I overwhelm or
Am I losin it?
I'm not in a romantic mood
At the moment
Oh what's wrong with me?
I'm usually am
I just didn't write a luv poem
Can you check my head
To see if I'm okay?
Can you check my soul?
Is it still filled with passion,
The addiction of romance?
Do I need to go to a love lyrical
Doctor just to figure what cause
Me not to write a luv poem?
I'm just sayin....I didn't write a luv poem
And I'm kinda sad that I didn't write a
Luv poem
Cos writin love poems are my thing
I take it so seriously
Knowin me, I'm addictin to love
I'm amorous..... Yet on this day,
I didn't write a luv poem
I think I might be sick
Or maybe a luv poem will come to me later not at this second
(c) Kai C. 7/24/12

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