My superman

My superman
He's flyin away
Yes he is
Seekin through
The cities the towns
Just to find me
Well i'm very secretly
And I wonder if he will
Ever find me
Cos i'm waitin on him

We can loft up
Lopin Around the stars
Into those strong arms of
Love, such a love
I'm Drownin in

He will rise
And rise
And rise
Just as the burnin

My superman
Where is he?
Where, my love?
He comes blazin
Like a shootin star

Oh maybe I could be
His heroin who fights
War and save my save
King peacefully
Then we can make love
A thousand times
Over and over Not
Just with his body
with his soul, his spirit
His mind

Is he waitin on me
For only to come
To him

We could break down the
We could turn our gray days into
The sunny days
We could make our lives into
Beautiful paradises
If we wanna be

Each other's royal superheroes...

7/25/12 (c) Kai C.

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