This is where love begins....

This is where love begins...

This is where love begins...
I fell for you
You fell for me
So I guess
This is where we never have an
Our sweet fairytale keeps on
Writin a long script by the lord
I mean this is love first wonderful beginnin and I happened to find
Myself seekin around this earth to
Look for a face of my only you
You happen to reach for my hand in
Darkest crowds
I feel your voice vibratin my heart
The sound of an angel is so near
Yet so far away
When will you come, my sweetheart?
When will you be the ONE?

This is where love begins...
This is where adam and eve became an item
I wanna Be just like them
Fallin in love over and over
Without being apart
How do we do that?
How do we go on about that?
Our souls soarin away like a single white dove searchin for its mate
But findin US is difficult when we end up with the wrong partners
God had us so hidden deep that we can't even give up on love even
When we feel like we want to
Cos we been so much pain
And gone through trials
Society thinks marriage has the happily ever after when people
Depart from each other
Breakin up
Tears are harsh and cold
Got us singin the blues
Terrible relationships won't last
I mean

That's how not love begins....

Love begins with two hearts poundin
In the blink of gazin eyes
Through the tender touch of perfect fitted hands
Love begins with two ribs that splits in halves Driftin along the distance from the other
It's when we start dreamin about each other in the same ol night sky
And how we wish the same ol star darlin it's where we start the silent conversation in our own language
Yet we do understand each other very much

Cos this is where love begins..

When we pray
When we chant
When we sing
When we accept
When we respect
When we trust
When we believe

And love is based on life
Life is love

It's where love begins

Love begins with you and me.....


7/28/12 (c) Kai C.

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