Bookshop of love

The bookshop of love

The bookshop of love
I'm lookin for someone
Oh yes I am
I am lookin for someone who
Perfectly fitted my soul
May not know your name
On this turnin page of my
Favorite book
Yes i can tell you my name
Indeed my name is poetess Kai
And I pencil every freestyle of
My longin heart to you
Over the mountains
Through the flashes of
Joyous shootin stars
Verse after Verse
Echoin your being through
Love letters
Waitin on you is the most longest run
Askin the Lord when will he come?
As I went onto a bookshop of love
I vision fairytales come to life
I vision you holdin journals and pencils in hand along with a glass slipper....
Just waitin for my arrival at the front
Here I come, my love here I am
We shall become love stories inkin by many sweet gods
Yes we shall be the romeo and Juliet
And I have imagine all my poetry on
The best selling shelves right next to
Other famous poets
Like maya Angelou Langston hughes
They would invite me into their own
Legendary worlds
Cos I would find myself at the
Bookshop of love Romancin you
Through my lyrical flow
I'll wrap you up in
My own collage of poems
Knowin you are the ONE that breaks through my dreams into this BEAUTIFUL realness
That's what I believe
I believe I would fall in love
Over and over and over
Like we can take it way too much far
And I'm at the bookshop
Hopin my fate will come to get me

Yet maybe it's a poet in you seekin for me too at the bookshop of love....

7/29/12 (c) Kai C.

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