50 ways to tell a woman she's beautiful......

50 ways to tell a woman she's beautiful

There are more than 50 ways to tell a woman she's beautiful cos every woman is made to be BEAUTIFUL to the pupil of God's eye
There are just more than you ever think
There are more you could never think
Of but I will advise you to say and mean it with your heart and soul.... Give her a list of things and reasons
Why she's beautiful........
What makes her so beautiful?
What makes you fall in love with her
In the first place?
Is it her smile? Her curves? Her lovely eyes? Is it her lovin soul?
Is it her passion? Is it her warmth?
Is it her caring?
What makes you think she's beautiful?
Yet there are also more than 50 wAys for you to make a woman feels
So damn beautiful like you love every single flaw she has
You enjoy her silliest self
A real man who seeks a real beauty
In all parts of a woman's soul
Yes indeed,
A fake man who seeks a cute face, a
Big round booty, and large Barbie boobs of a woman
And that's sad....and you're not even close to that
You should marry the girl with so much inner beauty
You should marry her golden heart
Oh there are countless reasons why she must be beautiful to you
When she look in the mirror
And see the ugliness in her
Tell her she's beautiful
When she grows old and have wrinkles
You must tell her she's gorgeous
When she is sick and cold,
You must remind Her she's pretty as
The red rose blossoms
You must recognize god gave a sweet person to love
Cos there are more than 50 ways to tell a woman she's beautiful
Just like there are plenty of ways to
Love her so......<3

12/5/12 (c) Kai C.

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