good mornin 2013

Good mornin 2013
You came just in time
For me introduce myself
My name is Kai
I'm a poetess
I'm a writer
Nice to meet you
We're gonna have ourselves
A grand time
Full of love and poetry
I hope you don't mind
All year round
I'm comfortable in my own
Skin....hope you are too
Cos it's the roller coaster
Of joyous moments where
There are a thousands of
Smiles and laughters
And tears
I'm gonna teach you how to
Romance with a magical pencil
How to believe in love with all your soul
Just like I did in 2012
Oh 2013
We're gonna be each other's
Hot messes
And when new Year's eve comes around
I'm gonna blessed with
Sweet memories
I hold in my heart
Trust me
We will have fun.....<3 br="br">
1/1/13 (c) Kai C.

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