why never the bride

Why never the bride
Why never the bride
I wanna be the bride
With so much pride
I wanna be the bride
You see without a
May I be your bride,
May I give my heart
As a vow?
Let me be the bride?
A blushin one
I don't mind as long as
I'm with you
My love
I take you as my groom
When we become a longtime
Oh why never the bride
Cinderella was the bride
And she got lucky to have
Her glass slipper back
Me, I'm just wishin to be the
Bride have my own weddin
And have the man who
Wanna be my king forever
I don't mind that
I don't mind havin the most precious
Marriage than being the most
Blushin bride of all
Can I?
I'd love to be the bride
With mighty pride
I wanna be the best friend
I wanna be the love
If I could
I would
I would be a faithful married
Instead of being the bride
Cos I was never the bride
Not at all....bride has its
Short period
Being a lovin wife has her forever
And so
Why never the bride
With all of her pride?
Well I never wear a
White dress
I could say, "I do"
If that's what it takes to open
Our door for the chapter of
Our love story.....
But why never the bride?
Someday I will be
Just one day
It will be the time
I go down the aisle and
The man who just grin
Thinkin my baby is gonna
Be my wife and she's so beautiful......
Why never the blushin bride?
But I'm just his blushin woman....
You love me even if I was never the
You still love me.....<3 br="br">
(c) Kai C.

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