a drawer of love poems

i don't have a 
drawer of love poems
no i don't 
if i do, they'd be all for 
i just got the soul 
of my own romantic pieces
written inside my chest
they're all for you
tattooin your bones with a 
pencil of my heart 
you will miss me
you will think of me
as i haven't go nowhere 
but i'm not around at the 
moment so i don't have a
drawer of love poems 
at my night stand 
i only got saved things 
for a rainy day
i got a loss memory 
that i don't know about
in that drawer 
no poems 
just phone numbers 
and junk
however if i do, 
i'd give them all
to you
i'd empty my draw
every piece  i scribe
to you
it would be like i'm givin
you my dreams and hopes 
from my little drawer 
<3 p="">
2/2/13 (c) Kai C.

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