The one

The One
(for my sweet boo)

The one who I can smile at
The one who I can feel butterflies for
The one who can make me blush
The one who can make me fall in love with over and over
The one who says, "I love you"
And means it in every way
He could be the one
I like to believe so
He's the one
He's my prince charmin
My shiny knight armor
My sweetest hope of
I can feel it in my bones
That you're my one and only
Oh, god gave me him
The angel from the blue skies
The king to my pupil
The man of my heart and soul
Who I came out of those ribs
He's the one
The one who can hold me
In his arms
The one who can protects
Me from harm
The one who calls me his queen
The one who can romances me
The one who I can be faithful to
Who I can be honest with
Who I can trust
Who I can love forever and ever
The one
I wanna be the one for him
If he could be the one for me
Through strengths and weaknesses
Through beauty and ugliness
Through the good and bad
Through it all
Mind body and soul,
We could be
The One for each other
Just The One for each
Nobody but the one....<3

(c) Kai C.

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