on the moon with you

on  the moon with you 

on the moon with you 
upon a mid hour,
i give you a kiss
our starry night becomes 
like a sweet timeless dream 
where i never want to wake up
oh, i'm on the moon with you
with only you 
my dear 
i just wanna be in your embrace 
my favorite place....where i can ease
with my heart and you 
this is us on our own twilight 
enchantin miles away.....from 
the earth 
sharin beams and stars with you
i'm forever
on the moon with you.....i won't leave
your side
you will always hold my hand 
while i read you poetry in the velvet skies 
yes we're on the moon 
facin each other like we're about to kiss 
people would look up and see our shadows 
on the moonlight 
dancin away like lovers do
watchin us kiss like it's a romantic classic movie 
darlin we're on the moon,
i'm on the moon with you ..........<3 p="">

2-22-13 (c) Kai C.

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