afternoon baby

Afternoon baby

afternoon baby 
i'm thinkin about 
you.....i'm truly daydreamin 
about you...that's everyday
i want you 
each hour my heart yearns
for you like the fire reaches to 
the sky
oh afternoon baby
you are the only  
love story i live through
alone with my fantasies 
i can't help
but enjoyin the sweetest thoughts of 
you're my everlastin love poem
that god and i have ever written...
you capture my heart with all 
our blessings that falls from
i say.
afternoon baby 
you look mighty  
can i come close to 
you and gently wiggle myself 
in your arms please?
i wanna give you
my all
not only durin the 
day but almost every time
i wanna give the best of me 

afternoon baby....<3 p="">

(c) Kai C.

(4 my boo)

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