We are drums

We are drums

We are drums of 
Our own heartbeats
I feel it when
I wake up feelin to the 
Bone I see us weak through
Strength knowin when we're 
Around each other,
The rhythms of real love 
Never goes away

I don't know if you know we're 
The emotions in flutters  
Tears flowin 
And oh I knew we love each 
Other from the minute we saw 
Each other the day I hear 
My soul has vibrates each joint 
Each pulse of my body....

Cos we are drums
Drums of our own heartbeats
In our chest
I can tell you feel the same
Way I do
I listen to your heart carefully
All the love I hear
All the love I feel 
All the love I have
It's in our hearts Drummin 
To the beat.....<3

(c) Kai C.

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