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The princess

The princess 
That everybody loves
Everybody's favorite
She's in a wheelchair 
Brown skin
Dark brown eyes
She's a poetess
Her dream is to
Be a poet laureate 
One day written a thousand 
Thousand books of 
Love poems 
She has inspired 
The world to believe 
There is true love 
For everybody 
And she would write
These verses under a
Bright star that someday 
Her prince would read 
All her beautiful words 
That inspires him to love 
Her more...and the fact that 
She will be published  all
Her poetry that makes the 
Audience recite every word....
She will be famous to the whole globe
With her greatest writings... And 
Her sweet-golden heart..
She's a different kind of a
She's from the Bronx, New York
Her parents actually called 
Her a princess cos she has 
Somethin special inside her soul
That everybody just adores.. 
She's a hopeless romantic
 poetess....got her magical pens 
And lots of notebooks 
She writes poems about everythin 
She creates visions through each 
Lyrical sentence....she makes people 
To believe in soulmates....she is magical
Yet one day 
She will be at the spoken word cafe 
Readin her poems on the mic
Signin autographs at the bookstore
The princess of romantic poetry 
Will inspire all the princesses in the
Wheelchair and princesses with disability
They don't have to live in a castle
They just gotta be lovin and happy
Makin their dreams come true
Cos almost every girl is a princess and a queen..
Yet she will be a prime example 
All America's sweetheart.....
And yes...
She's a princess
Who has won everybody's heart...

❤️ © Kai C. 3/3/14

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