They said they were too young

they said they were too young

Well he loves her….
She loves him….
Ohh they said they were too young....

Nobody approve this puppy love,
What do little sweethearts know about love?
Well it's possible they grow up and marry each other…

It's precious to feel each other’s beatin hearts
Through childhood memories..Through teenage

And as two lovebirds become adults,
The butterflies still flutter..
The connection still lingers...

The two of them thought for sure 
That they’re never too young 
When it comes to Followin the heart….

To me, I thought they were too youthful
To know such things as things…
But when I hear these rarest stories

On the news….it usually melt my heart 
To know all things are possible…if you ever 
Marry your childhood sweetheart,

You gotta be lucky and bless to have a 
Love so extraordinary….so magical…
And cherish the love that's so true….

I could only imagine how happy two little 
Young souls are when they're with 
Each other….

Even if they don't have a clue about love….
Cos their parents said they’re too young….
Just too young

To understand, to comprehend,
Within the souls are like super magnets
They have to be together….

No distance, no I miss you's,
They just have to be together 
But these grownups said no..

They said they’re too young….
They said they could be just friends….
While broken hearts shed lots of tears

Especially when folks keep the two souls 
Like Romeo and Juliet

But in their own version….

They said they're too young 
But how young?….

Well when it comes to true love, 
People will realize two souls will prove the 
World wrong…
They grew older and wiser
Together hand in hand 
Sharin their memories of how

They met in the playground
When they were two years old
And best friends in kindergarten 

Everythin happens for a reason….
You realize how beautiful and magical 
Love is….

So we can't really say, “they're too young”
When you see it in their tiny big eyes…
Innocently twinklin….

I said they're never too young to feel Somethin 
Inside their souls when your mama And papa 
Said stop feelin stop thinkin about that boy 

About that girl where you absolutely can't….
So yeah, I could understand cos as
True love goes, its never young…

They're never young….❤️

© Kai C. 11-23-14

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