Tell Disabled poets not to write about themselves

Tell Disabled poets not to write about themselves 

You tell Disabled poets not to write themselves,
Instead you want them to write about the "normal people"
As it doesn't fit the criteria, doesn't fit with the 
Society....ok I see where this is goin, I guess people with 
Disabilities can't read right....

The last time I checked, I thought I could write 
My skin off my skeleton place it on paper....I thought 
Arthgryposis could explain itself that she has nothin 
To do and I push her farther back into my own shadow...
Cos she has nothin to do with words...unless she comes 
And sit there in a poem....yet you tell me I'm not supposed 
To write about the challenges we face, like I can't write about 
How rude people stare at our differences...like we're in some 
Freak show, or that we belong to asylum......

Have you forget that we're humans, and we got souls 
In our deformed bodies...have you? 
Our souls want to scream out loud to the world 
That it's ok to be us whether we're happy 
Or in pain...we understand the difficulties but
Don't ever let them get in the way of our 
Beautiful dreams, beautiful prayers, beautiful wishes...

Cos I've seen people with disabilities out there and 
Makin possibilities.....
And you whoever you are, a motherfuckin ignorant no 
Compassion person how can you say shit like this to us? 
I'm a poet and I have a disability, and I will not listen 
To your fuck up rule....I will ignore you and write poems 
About things that matter, like people ask why we are in the 
Wheelchair, speech impediment, stares, mental illness, and 

You don't tell them what to write, when they're writin 
From their hearts.....what kind of drug are you on?


© Kai C. 4-2-17

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