Aubade: sunny days

Aubade: sunny days 

Coffee is served, 
Poems awaken 
I'm starvin for a taste of you...
Your lips is all I desire....
It's too early for wantin a kiss...
But I can kiss you in my own words....

Sunny days so bright, so quiet--
I lay here openin my soul to you...
You're not there, to hear this love note 
I wrote for you...not there to touch me

I wish I could breathe on your skin,
Rest my small weight upon your body 
Knowin I could kiss you all mornin...

Kissin is my poetry, kissin you is 
This written sonnet that printed upon 
Your heart....I swear our shadows are 
Always tangled up into the two,
Learnin a new thing or two from each other....

It's those sunny days
Are the lazy ass days 
Where we can lay and enjoy 
Each other's conversations....

We are lovebirds 
In our separate beds...
Thinkin we could be 
Closer.... than ever....❤️

© Kai C. 4/15/17

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