Memories in the closet 

Memories in the closet 
We have found where 
We were, where we went 
Memories in the closet 

The antiques we wanna 
Keep, thinkin we will never 
Use but to look at, cos 
It's cute...we throw them 
Away....old photos we smile 
And laugh, see family portraits 

We brought New York in 
The south...and then every 
Piece of it, it's almost gone 
Not quite, we still have 

The past pains, the oldest 
Happiness all in dust, all in
Tangle spider webs....
We have memories in the closet, 

The memories that we wanna
Remember, some we don't wanna 
Have flashbacks...so they put our
Ancient history in the trash...

We say goodbye...and goodbye is enough...


© Kai C. 4/15/17

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