A voice of Sara

A voice of Sara
(Sara Baatman Poem)

You see here,
Beautiful black Woman 
You don't need to shake your behind 
On television, nor online....
You don't need to sell
Your body, 
Don't need your vagina exploited 
For cash...

Why post your sexuality 
When you need to save yourself?
This isn't a body of art,
The whole capitalism wants to show 
All your genitals for gold....

Your body, your flesh 
Isn't a toy, isn't a game....
Black Woman 
Please know what we've been 
You see here, 
The reason I'm tellin you this 

I was force to sell
My behind on stage 
In front of white folks....
They put me 
On the spot 
Cos of my size, my weight 
My boobs, my big butt----
Black woman 

You are more than what 
You're worth...
You're more magic than 
Anythin in the world....

Put your body on 
Yes I know about instagram
And twitter 
And Facebook...
And Tumblr....
I may not be alive 
But I've seen what you're doin..

Nobody made you show
Your body on stage....
Shame blinded you 
All skin, all bony
And men mistreat you, 
Like hoes, 
And you ain't no hoes..

Black Woman 
Please don't display yourself 
Like that, 
Nobody told you to moon your tush 
In someone's face....
I can't believe my eyes, 
These days 
Young ladies wanna show 
Off their naked figures 
Instead of their intellectuals.,.
Like I said before 
You're more than what you are...

My legacy
Is not tellin you 
To be sexualized...
My legacy 
Is tellin you 
That your body is not their 
Government property....
Keep your skin cover up, 
Especially those creepy strangers 
You don't know....
Stop showin your ass...

I get madder each day 
When I see these little females 
Walkin in the nude...

black Woman 
When are you goin to realize?


© Kai C. 4-15-17

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