We're the turtle doves

We're turtle doves 

We're turtle doves 
On a limb of our tree..
We sing, we loft
We've always been together 
You and I, 

You and I,
Meant to be soul nestin 
Where we feel at peace 
With one another....

I wanna be your mate
As long as I live 
I wanna fall in love 
Like evergreen...
Cos you make me feel 

Like we exist in this world..
And we're the only ones 
Who can see each other
Standin still, feelin there's 
A song in us that we sing 
And it pulls us closer, 

Closer than we did...

We're turtle doves, sweetheart 
We got wings and feet--- 
Love is somethin else...
Love is when we feel at ease...

We lift off to the full moon..
I know, my heart is goin wild 
Cos of you, cos of how we are 
We're turtle doves...
You make me believe 
We are...❤️

© Kai C. 4/18/17

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