What if I blog you a love poem?

What if I blog you a love poem?
What I post my soul to you?
Would you read it?
Would I make you melt?
Take your breath away?

Would your eyes skim me over
And over?
I could wake up already
In my deepest sleep
And see you, standin above
In floatin position
And my heart go nuts,

With all the flutters
I see what's goin on,
I'm dreamin again
In my love poems

They're always talkin
About you....
About you being with me...
Which is somethin,

I want to write you a love letter
About ourselves in every whimsical swirl....
I swear, I would blog our love story
Where we can make the world believe

In soulmates again....cos I wanna tell
The audience how wonderful person you are
To me, you're mine....

I blog you a love poem
A special webpage that has carry your name
Would you smile at me and that you wanna hug me?
I won't embarrass you, I just wanna tell the crowd
Your soul is awesome....an amazin person....


© Kai C. 4/19/17

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