I carve a boyfriend poem

I carve a boyfriend poem
Somewhere he can find it...
I hid my heart in the surroundin
Forest so he can go and search
For me...I only hope he can hear
The echoes, I hope he listens to
My words profoundly...

Cos I want him to come and stay
With me...we can touch each other's
Parts...like the heartbeat----
I wanna read him poetry....
Every page is my vow....

I carve a boyfriend poem
In his hands, every detail
We can remember... I wanna write
Him stanzas just to remind us that
We're always be together no matter how
Hard it is...

I'll perform a spoken word
In his lips..I'll hush him with a
Passion...we could be each other's
Definition of what love is...we show
Each other, we will display our love
In a careful glass..

I carve a boyfriend poem
Without a rhyme,
I carve it on his torso
So he could see what I wrote
What my soul says....

Hope he enjoys every word...

I carve it just for him....❤️

© Kai C. 7-3-16

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