When we the people with disabilities
Tend to speak up,
Sometimes America like to ignore our
Open mouths..Like we don't fit in this
Description of this country....like our
Different shapes of our own bodies
Don't belong here...it feels that way....
And when we do speak up, standin
Our ground to the government,
People will come and say,
"You're so brave, you're inspirational."
There's nothin wrong with that,
We just want respect, we just want
People to treat us as human beings....
America forgets sometimes, they forget
We're here, loud and clear....when
We hear stories of dehumanizin our bodies,
Our emotions, we're outraged, we're hurt...
We may misunderstand but we could sense
That somethin is wrong....

We're not stupid,
We just know
We acknowledge
That America likes to hush our voices
Cos to her, we're not people....
We're retards, mentally broken....
We think America needs to go to a day program
And learn her address....
She could be ignorant,
How could a country make fun of us?
Bully us?
Keep our mouths shut?
Sayin this land is for the abled bodies?
And we, we belong in asylum?
Or in freak shows?

We're here,
Livin in our homes
Land of the free...
It's not free...
So yes,

America is
Still  closed minded...
Ever since back in the day....
Where we ain't nobody....

© Kai C.

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