another family road trip

another family road trip

long ride on highways
a chilly spring weather
&  i'd be gone  to sleep

in the backseat where
i sit with my nieces & my mom
& we'd be all crunch up

yet the clouds would follow us
down south in the shadows beaming over
the fields cos more showers are coimng by

trees maybe mountains
oh flowers
i even taste the early summer

sweetness paints everywhere
& i must wonder if i find  another newborn piece of myself
on this

another family road trip
copyright ©2006 kai croft

this weekend i'd be out of town so i come back tomorrow evening!
pls leave comment on my blog:)


Anonymous said...

You've got some good lines here, like,

"I even taste the early summer"


"and I must wonder if I find another newborn piece of myself on this another family trip"

Hope you're having a good time, Kai....:)

Anonymous said...

well, i've been writing for a long time. (long as in..i'm only 21 years old, so it couldnt be that long). but still :) but i've only been trying haiku for a couple months. I did it in high school, but not since then until now

ardi k said...

This brings back a lot of memories for me too. It is also an inspiration for one I hope to write. I'll think about it.