driving through the green forest

driving through the green forest

there were so many trees
spring grass is beautiful
as i'm in the country
where the farms & agriculture meet on large fields

driving through the greenish forest
it's such a lovely daylight
& i hear the birds chirping on a sunday morning

while i dreamed away but no dreams at all
cos too busy thinking about love
& how love makes my heart froze up

when it comes near
giving me such pretty butterflies
yet i miss that feeling---

i'm driving through the greenish forest
trees, spring grass
they suddenly reminding me of love

love, i happen to smile
& today it didn't rain
so i was glad that sun brightens the sky, also brightens me

oh yet they all remind me of love, my sweet love

copyright ©2006 kai croft

I wrote this today because during my travel, I was going for a visit and saw some trees. It is like going into the forest but actually I was in the woods. & thought of a poem
That is spring-like & romantic like. This is the case more nature is blossoming into air as much romance does.

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