Here I am writing and listening to music along the hour with a light feeling that I have in my soul yet I scared myself cos I’ve been writing fearful poems. I guess I was having way too much fun just writing those horror figures on paper. My imagination ran so wild.  I just knew I have a dark ghoul side of me. I just don’t usually show it to the rest of the world. Cos I don’t usually write horror stuff. I’m more like a romantic type. I have come up with an idea of my own. I can put horror and romance together as my poetic series. It might be a classic

My dark poetry
Comes wandering
In every fear

          A black cat
               Walks in my way
                    Turning into a ghoul

At night
A werewolf howls at the
Gorgeous moon

Voice of a cruel witch
Haunts me through the cold night


samuru999 said...

You dark and ghoulish girl..
Scaring yourself now...
along with scaring me...

I love this haiku...
just great!!!!

Oh...the blizzard is over...
I am glad!



Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

ok..justin's girl....

C'ya later!


Anonymous said...

Justin's girl? Won't Nick get jealous?:)

Don Iannone said...

Hey Kai,

Nice poem. Enjoyed it. Each of us is made of light and darkness. It takes one to have the other. This is the same with the poetry we write. We learn from both.