December Stillness

December Stillness

just waiting for snow to fall
making white noises in silence
a melody a symphony
as i listen to my heart

drumming the joy of winter
yet its frozen
oh how i miss summer

naked brown treetops
swaying to reach
the ice blue sky

leaves are all gone
grassy grounds are not that green anymore
still waiting for snow

i sat in my house
writing along another hour
sunshine came
shimmering on my face

i only wish
there's snow for
once a day

cos i like how it tumbles
from the sky
how it lands on trees on rooftops
on street grounds

its so beautiful
kind of like heaven

i call this cozy moment
a december stillness

cos i hear early white noise
coming on my way
© Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, pp bfly. :)

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks aa

starry nights said...

Beautiful poem Kai.I also used to sit by the window and watch the snow fall when I lived in Chicago.It is an awesome sight.

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

Nice...I think that's the longest poem i've read here on your blog :)

Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

Beautiful, Kai!


saby said...

wat i like about Christams is wishing guys and kissing girls

after midnight mass
u can kiss any girl and all girls merry christmas

Poetry by Kai said...


Shai said...

Hi Kai, is this the same Kai with the 3 poetry books and the Discover Kai blog?

Poetry by Kai said...

hi shai

no, this is not kai with the 3 poetry books & not the discover kai blog...


but it was nice meeting u...

i'm kai who likes butterflies & loves writing poetry from my own heart...
i also like pink......

thanks 4 stopping by
come anytime
u like

polona said...

hi kai,
this is beautiful!
had connection problems (again) last night :(

Shai said...

Sorry Kai. I know another Kai who has some wonderful poetry too. So now I know to poets with the name Kai. My middle name is Kai. How awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am originally from Rochester, NY - this sounds like so many winter days, when the wonder of snow could not be denied....